A Dash of This, A Dash of That

There’s been a lot of buzz the past few days about how much freaking money Walt has stored in the storage locker, since Skylar, the bookkeeper, can’t add the labeled money (for whatever reason). Let’s just say she’s busy running the car wash.

I have what I think to be a very accurate range. Without further ado:

Pic 1 is probably the most important for my calculation. A payout, being sorted by Walt and Todd. Skylar’s remark about different denominations is not relevant for this calculation. The bills are marked by yellow, purple, or brown wraps. We see Walt wrap $2000 in a purple during the montage, and the browns are later shown to be $5000. I couldn’t get a good glimpse of the yellow anywhere, but I’m guessing it would be for wrapping one hundred 100s, so $10000. The payout appears to yield a fairly even distribution among the three colors, and this is my assumption about the varying amounts that are stacked. The expected value of one wrap of bills is (10k+5k+2k)/3 which is an annoying and gross decimal. So for now, I will call that 17k/3. That’s one of the four numbers we need to figure out.

Pic 2 is analysis I used to measure the amount of wraps laid length-wise. This side shows 11. However…

Pic 3 is the other side, and I count 12. Well, what to do. I could just called this dimension 11.5, but I think I’ll use the range in my final calculation (min. of 11, max. of 12)

Pic 4 is the best height picture I could get. Pretty straightforward, using 42-44 as my range here.

Pic 5, depth pic. Though the sides are both strictly 16, some overage needs to be accounted for. My range here is 17-17.5.

So, the final calculation for my range is:


(17k/3)*17*42*11 = $44,506,000

and (17k/3)*17.5*44*12 = $52,360,000

Average of the range = $48,433,000


I’d like to offer the prop crew of BB to count it for them personally, I would love to know exactly how much it is.

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